Announcing the video résumé

Announcing the video résumé

Pivotal Pod is happy to announce a new service: the video résumé.

Earlier this year, we experimented with our favorite type of guinea pig — a friend or family member. Hans volunteered for the project, and we got footage of him in the classroom and telling his story, which Marissa then turned into a two-minute video.

For professions like teaching, where the most important skill is how you communicate, a video résumé makes a lot of sense. School administrators need to see how you interact with students and how your personality adds to your overall value as a teacher. There are many other professions where people skills are essential, and are difficult to measure simply by your “paper” résumé or even during an in-person interview. So we think there is a big future here for the video résumé and are happy to offer it as a service. Contact us if you’d like to know more.

In the meantime, enjoy our first effort. Fun fact: Hans entered it on a whim into a contest held by the International School Services, one of the top recruiting agencies for international schools, and it came in third! In the coming weeks it will be promoted on their website, social media accounts, and at their job fairs around the world.

Meet Hans – Video Resume from Pivotal Pod.