‘I share so you’ll share with me’

‘I share so you’ll share with me’

Why do people share content? And specifically, why do they share video?

According to Edwin Wong, senior director of product & media insights at Yahoo, consumers share video for three reasons:

I share video because I want to be cool
I share for shock to get a reaction
I share so you’ll share with me

In her coverage of his talk at the ThinkLA Video Summit, Jennifer Marlo at iMediaConnection writes that it is the last point that is “what it really boils down to.”

We expect our friends to curate content for us, and they expect the same in return. So unless your video elicits a strong emotional reaction, is really informative, shocking, beautiful, or funny, that content will not be shared.

Definitely something to keep in mind as you think about your video production in the coming year. It’s easy to take the conservative path, and to create branded content that is, well, all about your brand. But marketing material, while it may be somewhat informative, is not often shocking, beautiful or funny. You’re going to have to start stretching your limits to produce stories that will resonate with your customer.