Just how big is the Internet, really?

Just how big is the Internet, really?

With publishers like Buzzfeed, Huffington Post and Business Insider spitting out hundreds of pages of content each day, it’s no wonder the Internet is growing exponentially. But how big is it really?

Answer: 1.79 billion pages. Which means Facebook could have taken the $19 billion it just paid for WhatsApp and bought the Internet instead, for a little more than a dime per page. Right?

And here it is, all on a map:

The best part about this project, by Slovakian designer Martin Vargic, is that it was all done by hand, free drawn into Photoshop. And, as the Independent notes:

Vargic’s map and others like it are similar to the rough charts of terra incognita made by early explorers: they’re works in progress as well as a draw for the imagination, and the more we find about the territory under scrutiny, the more maps we’ll make.